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I’ve been doing lots of reading recently on happiness; what it is, how it’s measured and its impact on our lives.  One thing that has really jumped out at me is the relationship between happiness and health.  In one study they measured the happiness of 193 people aged between 21 and 55 and then infected […]

Have you ever been in a meeting with someone who is getting very angry with you?  I had this situation only a week or two after I joined a new organisation.  I could tell he was angry because he was having to work really hard to control his voice, his hands were shaking and his […]

Earlier this year I was privileged to meet Tim Bourguignon and to have a discussion with him about my journey in development.  If you’re interested you can hear that discussion or visit Tim’s #DevJourney site, which covers the whole project with particular emphasis on the next generation of developers.  Pretty cool.

Have you ever worked in a team where there was one team member who nobody liked and who nobody wanted to work with?  I joined an organisation where one of the teams had an ‘odd man out’.  He wasn’t as fast on the uptake as the other developers, he always asked lots of basic and […]

Quite a few years ago I was working as a technical project manager (for my sins) and I was running a software project.  The team were great and we delivered lots of value whilst having fun.  There were a few small changes which we needed to the core systems, which were written in a different […]

Recently I’ve been mulling over the Spotify model for organisation of software teams and how widely it could be applied within the software industry.  For those of you newer to the concept I’ll give you a quick description here but I also suggest that you read the original paper. Squad – A multi-functional team which […]