Month: February 2016

I’ve always been a huge believer in the importance of respect.  I believe that people deserve to be respected from the start, without the need to ‘earn’ it.  This applies to everyone I meet, from the person who serves me my coffee in the morning through to the CEO of my organisation.  I start from […]

Chimpanzees have three main strategies which they use to become alpha male; dominance, intelligence and forming political alliances. Dominance The majority of the time dominance is the chosen approach.  The chimpanzee is bigger and stronger than the other male chimpanzees, or they have greater aggression and fighting skills.  They therefore fight their way to the […]

Welcome to the first of a series of blogs on how we can apply design patterns to everyday development life, rather than just to the code.  To start this series I have chosen the classic Gang of Four ‘Adapter’ pattern to look at how we can work in an agile manner within a non-agile organisation. […]

When I was at TopConf Linz last week I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Bourguignon and listening to his talk which covered his Developer’s Journey project.  The more I’ve been thinking about this project the more interesting I find it.  He’s talking to people involved in software development from all over the world and finding out such […]