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In roller derby, as in many sports, speed is really important.  So much so that as part of the minimum skills (which you have to pass before you can play) you must be able to skate 27 times around a derby track in 5 minutes.  Depending on the route you take a round the track, […]

There’s roller derby and there’s men’s roller derby.  I can’t think of another assertive team sport with large amounts of physical contact which is played primarily by women.  There are male roller derby teams (and even a few mixed ones) and this is becoming more popular, but it is still predominantly a female sport. In […]

I am a huge fan of roller derby, which is an assertive sport played on roller skates (see my Roller Derby page for a quick run down of the game).  I play recreationally and have great admiration for those who play competitively.  There are times when I mull about what lessons we can learn in the agile […]