People are People (even developers…)

When I was at TopConf Linz last week I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Bourguignon and listening to his talk which covered his Developer’s Journey project.  The more I’ve been thinking about this project the more interesting I find it.  He’s talking to people involved in software development from all over the world and finding out such things as what got them into software, what drives them and what advice they would give to developers early in their career to accelerate their personal development.

I was the lucky participant in one of Tim’s interviews and I found the experience interesting and intriguing.  How do other people answer these types of questions?  What an amazing opportunity to understand more about people and what makes them tick.  Also, what made Tim start this project?  What are his answers to his own questions?  What has he learnt through the project so far?  I would love to interview him and find out more about who he is and his motivations.

Luckily for me Tim has just published the first of his interviews (with Amitai Schlair) and so I am able to get a taste of his project and get a chance to understand more about people.

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